Ryuta SUZUKI (Born in 1984, Shizuoka, Japan)

Lived and worked in Tokyo, London, Beijing

Now in Suzhou since 2019


Academic Background

2006 Graduated from Tama Art University, faculty of Art and Design , Printmaking(BA Fine Art)

2009 Graduated from Camberwell College of Arts MA Visual Arts, MA printmaking

Solo exhibition 

Suzuki has had several solo exhibition in different locations. 

2022 RYUTA SUZUKI Solo Exhibition ~Out of Frame~ at Ying Gallery, Beijing China 

2020 RYUTA SUZUKI  ~Remix in SooChow~, HOYO VINYL, Suzhou, China

2018 RYUTA SUZUKI Solo Exhibition ~Mirror Error~ at Ying Gallery, Beijing China

         RYUTA SUZUKI Solo Exhibition ~Reflections of the Layer~ at Leo Gallery, Shanghai, China

2016 RYUTA SUZUKI Solo Exhibition ~Asymmetry~ at Ying Gallery, Beijing China

2014 RYUTA SUZUKI Solo exhibition ~Origin and Surface~ at Ying Gallery, Beijing, China 

2011 RYUTA SUZUKI Solo exhibition at ASC Studio, London, the UK

2007 RYUTA SUZUKI Solo exhibition at Gallery NATUKAb.p. , Tokyo Japan

Group exhibition

 Suzuki has participated many group shows around the world since 2004. The most locations are Japan, the UK and China but also includes USA, Germany, Italy, Romania, Thailand and South Korea. His works have been shown in private galleries, museums and academic institutions such as Ying Gallery(Beijing, China), Leo Gallery(Shanghai, China), Today Art Museum (Beijing, China), Nagoya City Museum(Nagoya, Japan), Guangdong Museum of Art(Guangzhou, China), Tama Art University(Tokyo, Japan) or Camberwell College of Arts (London, the UK).

 In addition, there are several self-curating shows since his early stage. CONTACT at NC Art Gallery(2004, Tokyo, Japan) was the first ambition, and House of Colour’ at Clifford Themes Gallery (2010, London, the UK) was memorable, as well as, Japanese New Prints at Ying Gallery(2019, Beijing, China) is the recent case. Even in China, “BLOSSOM” JAPANESE NEW PRINTS GROUP EXHIBITION at FLIP(2020, Shanghai, China) was a very first show in China hosted by Japanese artist after COVID-19 pandemic. 

 Many collectors favourites his works in art fairs like Art Shenzhen 2017 represented by Ying Gallery.  

Award & Collection

 He was already awarded on 72th Print Exhibition Yamaguchi Gen Novice Prize, 2006. After nominations of domestic and international art competitions, he was named on 2nd Nanjing International Art Festival Excellence Prize in 2015. Not only private collection, but also, his academic contributions are accepted by following collectors; Tama Art University (Japan), Machida International Print Museum(Japan),  Numazu City Public Collection(Japan), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art(Taiwan), Guangdong Museum of Art(China), S x V Museum of Modern Art(Qingdao, China).

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